The Beginning

 We feel bloodhounds were created for a purpose . . to use their God given talent of scent work to help those in need! We looked high and low for the correct bloodlines, in order to breed what we hope will become some of the best working dogs out there. Now not all of them will have that drive and that is something that we watch for, as they begin to develop in our kennel after birth. Some of the offspring will become wonderful family pets!

We are members of three clubs currently: Prairieland Bloodhound Club, American Bloodhound Club and the American Mantrailing Academy, which gives us a very broad group of experienced people to work with and learn from! Although, our knees won't allow either of us to feel that wonderful thrill working behind one of our hounds as they run their trails . . the memories will remain forever of the few we were able to work! 

American Bloodhound Club Certifications:

January, 2011
          Gryphon has earned his EECT certificate
          Dovie has earned her EECT certificate

April, 2011
          Ruthie has earned her EECT certificate

May, 2011
          Gryphon has earned his MT status
          Dovie has earned her MT status

** Header Picture is of a friend of ours, Kathleen and Ben, her hound which is related to Levi and Ruthie**

Trailing Temperament and Ability in Puppies

If you are a person, that is serious about using your bloodhound for SAR, be sure you continue reading ...  we have taken this from one of the top in the field @Jeff Schettler, "K-9 Trailing" ...

A working dog is something alittle different than the family pet and its' traits are going to be toughness, alittle more drive, alittle dominance, following ability, complete lack of fear (of noises, movement, shapes, and new things in general), forgiveness and alot of curiosity!  A high-hunt-drive puppy raised and conditioned to trailing will often become a trailing machine. Trailing is the only thing he will want to do!

At Cyclone Ridge Kennels, we evaluate our puppies from the very beginning along with using a military bio-sensor program that will give you a very well rounded puppy. We are not experts by any means, but we are with our puppies all day, every day and know them very well ... so if you want the family pet or the high drive trailing puppy ... we should be able to direct you that direction.

Hounds and Humans Learning

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