Buying Your Puppy

Don't just purchase off the internet ... get to know the breeder!  Visit him/her in person, get acquainted with his hounds, but understand the laws are changing and if they are licensed under USDA, you may not be able to physically go into their kennel or touch any of the dogs (this is for their own safety and health). Are they socialized or just breeding stock??

Check out the kennel ... find out if it is licensed with the state and how it was rated when inspected. Check out the kennel ... for cleanliness, type of housing given to the hounds, clean eatting and drinking dishes, food, etc. If it doesn't feel right to you ... leave, leave, leave ... don't let your heart guide you into purchasing from a backyard breeder!

USDA is now required, if the breeder has 4 or more females of breeding age and do most of their selling/business via the internet .. you can check with them on inspection reports and you can also report a kennel to them, should you find that this is indeed true but they aren't part of USDA. 

Puppies ... should be healthy, clean and happy with clear eyes and noses. A pup should stand with all four feet pointing forward with big feet, heavy bone and ears that at least reach its nose, square lips, narrowing face and loose skin around the head and neck.

Check also for bad bites, retained testicles or entropion and don't be afraid to ask about anything else that causes you concern. You should have already read the contract for what the breeder will and will not cover as fair as these items.

Beware of the breeder that sells a pup before 8 weeks of age - age is very important!  If you purchase too young, they won't be socialized well enough to adjust to your home and you will have problems to deal with!

Colors are red, black/tan, liver/tan ... sometimes you will see a full coated black or a full coated liver.

Be sure the breeder discusses  the health related items that have been done on your new pup - shots should have been started, pup should have been wormed and examined by the veterinarian. Be sure you follow the instructions given to you by the breeder on the future immunizations.

The breeder should also supply you with information on how the pup has been fed, send you home with a few days worth of the food that it is currently eating so that you won't have any digestion issues.

You will also be taking home with you a complete medical record to pass onto your vet, an AKC registration certificate and any other important information regarding your new puppy.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that "There are NO bargain bloodhounds" ...  you will get what you pay for!


Micro-chipping and Lifetime Pet Protection

Cyclone Ridge Kennels has partnered with AKC ReUnite, Lifetime Pet Protection
It is a common misconception that over population by breeders is somehow the reason for abandoned animals overflowing shelters, and are subsequently euthanized.  According to AKC ReUnite statistics, eight million pets are micro-chipped and many millions more have collars with ID tags of some form.  Yet sadly, each years, over seven million pets are lost or stolen, and only about 8% are ever reunited with their families!

The number one reason that the dogs are euthanized, abandoned, neglected, abused, returned to breeders or the new dog owners are unhappy with their new puppy . . . is because dog owners can not or will not deal with behavioral or training issues.

Take the time to train and work with this puppy . . they will become what you put into them!


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