So you want to own a bloodhound ...

General Description

The bloodhound is very powerful and stands taller than any other breed of hound. With skin that is thin and extremely loose that is more noticeable around their head and neck. Their average height is 26” for a male, and 24” for a female with an average weight of anywhere from 110 to 140 pounds. Their expression shows a loving dog with loving and power characteristics with an extremely affectionate, somewhat shy, and sensitive to his/her correction when done by their “master”. Bloodhounds tend to live 10 to 12 years with anything over being exceptional.

So you think you want a bloodhound ... are you ready for a puppy?  He/she will grow rapidly, from 4-7 pounds a week, and up to one-half to one inch in height per week. So while the Bloodhound puppy is a most irresistible creature, ungainly and incredibly appealing, he is not a ‘puppy’ for very long.  He is best raised in a house with a large fenced area – not a “city” dog or an “apartment” dog! He can sling drool across the room with one shake of his enormous head and will do that often! Moreover, they have the tendency to lavish slobbery wet willy kisses on their owners – some people may not like that! They are a pretty clean dog, shedding normally twice a year (bathe as often as you feel necessary). The Bloodhound’s temperament is and should be friendly, affectionate and protective. This large Bloodhound will greet his owners with its front paws on your shoulders to say “Hello” and can easily bowl you over, if you are not ready for this greeting (he can knock over a small child without meaning to)! They tend to be stubborn or somewhat “determined” and are inclined to pout, oh yes we could all write a book on this one, when corrected!  Obedience training can be a real challenge! We ask that before you purchase your Bloodhound, really think about this information and be sure that you want to devote the next decade with one before you take that little guy/gal home!

Particular Health Problems
1. Bloat … one of the main killers of a bloodhound is “bloating” or “gastric torsion”. In human words, this is when the stomach of an affected animal fills with gas and twists until both ends are sealed. When this happens there is no way for the gas to escape and a painful death follows. Please note this is a rarely encountered.

With our raised food and waters dishes, this helps reduce the risk of bloat. The food and water intake is more easily processed throughout their system. This also lessons the amount of air intake.

2. Dysplasia … hip dysplasia is another health problem present in bloodhounds and other large dog breeds. With hip dysplasia, loose ligaments allow the head of the femur to work out of its socket. Signs often appear around 4 months of age when rapid growth takes place. Dysplastic puppies grow progressively worse with age.

We believe in having all of our hounds undergo health clearances!


IS A BLOODHOUND THE RIGHT BREED FOR YOU ...  we recommend you read over our info but also take the time to visit AKC and take their test to see which breed best suits your lifestyle ...

Are you really ready for an extra large dog with a medium to high energy level from the age of 9 weeks to around age 3?

This breed needs daily exercise plus some type of stimulation ... can you provide this?

This breed has special care needs due to their wrinkles, eyes and long ears ... can you commit to weekly cleaning?

What about DROOL on your furniture, clothes and windows ... ready for the cleanup you will need to do?

Bloodhounds are scent hounds - they can NOT be allowed to roam freely outside, unless they are in an enclosed area ... can you provide this?

They are a social type breed and will need to be around you or your family, left unattended they will find ways to amuse themselves ... ready?

This breed is usually inquisitive and generally friendly ... don't count on them to be your guard dog ... are you alright with this?

Are you really and truly ready for this 8-14 year commitment, as they don't rehome very well?

HUGE COUNTER SURFERS - work with them at a young age that they can not come into the kitchen!

DROOL - you can get used to it, if you always remember that it is just a DNA sample that shows how much your hound loves you.

PUPPY/DOG - once they reach about 3 years of age, they will have times during the day that they just want to sleep!

SIZE - they don't have a clue how big they are and will always want to be in your lap ... best to sit on the floor with them from the very beginning!

MALES/FEMALES  - some males can become protective of their families but each are just so different its hard to tell, females are usually the shy ones!

FOOD - they like routine and are sometimes picky ... it will drive you crazy!

BATHING - we can say start early and make it fun . . sometimes they will continue to like it and sometimes they won't ... warm water always!

NOSE - they will want to smell everything ...this is their way and its just easier to get used to it!

DRIVE - their nose runs their life and they have a one track mind once on a scent!

Most important to remember, this breed is so much smarter than given credit for.  They learn to open doors, locate treats, help you with laundry ... the list goes on and believe us when we say ... they will love you unconditionally! 

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