Our Kennel

Our kennel and the home that our hounds really prefer is a custom design by us!  As everyone says "Once you build something and use it, you wish you had done it this way or that way"  And yes, we say that but when you get people asking "when I die, could I come back as one of your dogs" ... well it must be alright, wouldn't you say???

We have been asked by many to add this to our website along with some of the pictures, which we will do.  Yes, we are in Missouri and yes, we have a dog kennel, but don't ever call us a "Puppy Mill" or a "Puppy Farm" as that is NOT what we are or what we will ever become!

Our metal building is 2,400 square foot with foam insulation (temp year round is 74 degrees) a custom built facility with central heat and air, dehumidifier, has an office with sleeping area, stainless steel bathing tub and lots of room to work with our hounds. We also have security cameras inside and outside so that we can always monitor the kennel. Our dogs also have 5 fenced outside pens; one being 3 acres while the other four sits on 5 acres each.  With all these pens when someone is in heat, we can separate everyone and not have an unplanned litter! Our hounds each have 2 inside houses  - one for their sleeping quarters and one for their dining enjoyment with a half wall between them, they must use their dog door to go out of one into the other and on the outside of both of these, they have a covered concrete pad with a raised bed along with a grassy fenced area so they can get out into the dirt and/or sunshine! We feel this gives them plenty of room to move around and find just that right area to take a nap on! We keep them on a routine, as bloodhounds seem to be more comfortable that way - if we aren't on our way out to the kennel, around the break of daylight (7 days a week), they are singing us our morning wake up song and depending on the weather, we leave them out for several hours so they can run and play among the trees and in the water troughs that we change weekly (daily if needed). If it is one of those nasty rainy days or cold and snowy days, they get a special bone to help pass the time with- who is saying spoiled?! We also let them out every afternoon prior to the sun going down (unless it is too warm, then it is after sunset) for a few hours.  

We clean ears, trim nails, bathe and check everyone over on a regular basis - we use Revolution as our heartworm/parasite protection as it is the only product on the market that is clearly labeled safe to use on breeding animals. We have never had a parasite in our adults or our offspring, which says alot, we feel! They are fed Purina ProPlan variety dry food twice a day along with NuVet Plus in the AM and liquid Vitamin B in the afternoons and of course, they receive a dry dog biscuit as each feeding (sometimes a bully stick or gullet stick).

We look forward to having visitors and you are always welcome - our facility will be found pleasant smelling and clean, in fact at times, it is cleaner than my house! Due to the new regulations,  we do not allow anyone into the building as we can't take the chance of outsiders bringing something into the air around our hounds, so please bear with our overprotective nature!  We also ask everyone to use a disinfective "footbath" to remove any bacteria that may be present on the shoes and also to use "disinfectant" hand wipes if you come into the office.

 We do ask that you respect our time and dedication to our full-time job of caring for our hounds and our hounds' schedule ... CALL before just dropping in!

The Beginning and Now . .