Outside Breeding

Bloodlines are a HUGE deal! We looked long and hard for the lines we were interested in having as our foundation.  Yes, like all breeders, we make a few mistakes along the way but tend to learn quickly!  As a breeder that is interested in a careful, planned breeding program, we made the decision not to be a part of any outside breeding or "stud" service!  We love our dogs and feel it is all our males can do to, in  servicing their own females.  We are always concerned about health issues and outside breeding could actively bring in more problems than what we want.  We are sure they wouldn't mind breeding as many female dogs as we could provide ... but ... this is not what Cyclone Ridge is all about ... Quality is more important than Quantity!

We are a CLOSED kennel and are Brucellosis free - meaning that we have had all of our dogs (males and females) tested for this disease and they are all clear - the State of Missouri has certified our kennel as Brucellosis free and we WILL not breed with any outside dogs. We also do not allow any outside dogs on our property.

Thanks for your understanding and not even asking us for their use!



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